Feed additives, enzymes, animal API’s.


LBzyme Phytase :

A Thermo-stable new generation 6-Phytase for Poultry.

LBzyme Protease :

Unique Multi-Protease for Poultry, combining Fungal, Bacterial, and Plant Proteases.

LBzyme Xylanase :

Complete Poultry Xylanase, combining Fungal and Bacterial Enzymes.

LBzyme Mannanase :

An intrinsically thermo-stable mannanase for poultry.

Ruzyme Max :

Enhanced Enzyme Blend for Ruminants, Optimizing Feed Digestion and Nutrient Absorption.

Customized multi-enzymes :

Tailored Enzyme Solutions for Customer-Specific Feed Requirements

Halquinol 12.5% :

Antimicrobial Feed Additive for Poultry Health and Well-being.

Oxygen Tablet :

Enhancing Fish Growth and Maintaining Water Quality with Optimal Dissolved Oxygen Levels.

Triclabendazole BP

Trusted Pharmaceutical Ingredient for Treating Parasitic Infections in Livestock.

Oxyclozanide BP

API for Effective Treatment of Parasites in Livestock.


API for the Treatment and Control of Parasitic Infections in Animals


Essential API for the Treatment and Prevention of Worm Infestations in Animals.

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