A Legacy of providing the best chemical solutions

Remex is a market leader in providing innovative solutions to various industries' need for chemicals and allied products..

Remex commenced its business activities in Bangladesh back in the eighties, in 1983.

The remarkable journey of Remex, which began in 1983, when Bangladesh embarked on its quest for industrialization. Founded by M R A Taha, a visionary banker, Remex recognized the growing demand for chemicals in the country's emerging industries. What started as a modest chemical indenting firm has now blossomed into a prominent leader, distributing renowned brands of chemicals and allied products to industries of all sizes.

While Remex has expanded into various business sectors, chemicals have remained at the heart of our success story, paying homage to our humble origins. Today, we stand proud as a pillar of the industry, offering comprehensive solutions and serving as a trusted partner to a wide range of businesses. Join us on our voyage of innovation, where vision meets excellence, and experience the Remex difference for yourself.

Ensuring Excellence: Delivering Unparalleled Chemical Solutions & Service.

Instrumental to Remex’s growth has been the excellent after-sales service by technical support professionals consisting of pharmacists, veterinarians, textile engineers, food technologists and also business graduates from the relevant academic field. Through our global network of contacts, we are also able to act as a link, sometimes even as the catalyst, between you and your business aspirations. Our immense network of contacts are for you to bank on when you are looking for creating and developing new business opportunities here and abroad.


We are committed to constantly improving ourselves and becoming the ultimate solution for the chemical industry and every chemical user.


Leading the Way: Accelerating Growth, Expanding Reach, and Innovating  Solutions.

Shahriar Taha

Managing Director

Today,  Mr. M R A Taha’s  legacy lives on through the unwavering dedication and passion of the entire Remex team, including his son Shahriar Taha the present Managing Director. Having studied Economics at Jamia Millie Islamia - New Delhi, Shahriar Taha joined Remex in 1992, and has played a pivotal role in the company's growth and diversification.

With the ongoing efforts of the Remex team and the leadership of Shahriar Taha, they strive to build upon the foundation laid by Mr. Taha. Their relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has spurred the company's expansion into various sectors, marking Remex's journey of diversification.

Guided by the principles instilled by Mr. Taha, Remex continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of industries. The combined expertise and passion of the entire team, along with Shahriar Taha's visionary leadership, drive Remex's unwavering commitment to excellence and its quest for new opportunities in emerging markets and sectors.

M R A Taha

Chairman and founder 

Mr. M R A Taha, an accomplished banker with illustrious credentials, served as the esteemed Chairman and Founder of Remex Corporation Ltd. With a distinguished career at the largest commercial bank in Pakistan from 1961 to 1970, Mr. Taha's expertise extends far beyond the financial realm.

His contribution to various national and international organizations is widely recognized. Notable memberships include prestigious commercial associations, the Bangla Academy, the Advisory Board of the Writers Association of Bangladesh (WAB), and the presidency of the Bangladesh Nature Conservation Society (BNCS).

Mr. Taha has been the recipient of numerous awards, honoring his multifaceted contributions to business and the arts. Some of the notable recognitions include the Social Work and Industrialization 2007 award, Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, and the Nawab Sirajuddoula Golden Award.

His relentless dedication to preserving national history, social work, and industrial development has earned him accolades such as the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Award and the Kobi Sarojini Naidu Gold Medal, bestowed upon him by the President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Mr. M R A Taha, a distinguished banker and founder of Remex Corporation Ltd., fearlessly pursued his vision until his passing on January 30, 2014, leaving an indelible impact on the industry. Remex Corporation Ltd. continues to operate, determined to uphold Mr. Taha's unwavering commitment and fulfill his visionary goals.


M R A Taha

Chairman And Founder 

Shahriar Taha

Managing Director