Plastics chemical


Prime Polypropylene Resin for High-Quality Water Quenched Blow Film Production. Ideal for Food Packaging, Shopping Bags, and Garment Poly.

PP Injection:

Polypropylene Resin Designed for High-Flow Injection Molding Process. Perfect for General Parts, Thin Walls, and Food Containers

PP Yarn:

Excellent Stiffness and Impact Resistance for Extrusion Process. Ideal for Rope, Stretch Tape, Textile, and Industrial board Applications.

PP Non-woven :

Polypropylene Homopolymer Fiber Grade: High Flow Ability and Consistent Performance for Fibers and Nonwovens in Personal Care, Industrial, and Medical Applications.


Medium Flow, High Impact Resin for Injection Molding. Perfect for Furniture, Houseware, Auto-Parts, and Electrical Appliances.


High Clarity Random Copolymer: Perfect for Cosmetic Bottles, Thermoforming Sheets, Closures, and Woven Bags in Various Applications.

PPRCP(Medical Grade):

Medical Grade Polypropylene: High Clarity, High Melt Flow Resin for Injection Molding of Medical Devices, Syringes, and Lab Ware.


Polystyrene Injection Resin: Easy Flow, Excellent Clarity for Food Packaging, Electrical Appliances, Household Products, Toys, and More.


High Impact ABS Resin: Perfect for Injection Molding of Housewares, Electrical Appliances, Toys, Automobile Parts, and More.

LLDPE Film Grade

Superior General Purpose Packaging Resin with Excellent Tensile, Impact, and Optical Properties. Perfect for Lamination, Shopping Bags, and More


HDPE Film: High Molecular Weight Hexene Copolymer Tailored for Superior Blow Film Applications. Ideal for Garment Bags, Liners, and Trash Bags.

HDPE Blow Molding Grade

Tailored for Lightweight Blow Molded Containers, Perfect for Ice Chests, Household & Chemical Containers, food & pharma packaging and more.

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