Personal care

Fragrances, surfactants, emollients, waxes, cosmetic color & pigments.

Personal Care


Enhancing Personal Care, Home Care, and Various Applications with Pleasant Aromas.

TEA 99% 

Non-active ingredient a pH balancer, stabilizer, and enhancer for superior product feel and skin interaction.


Versatile Non-Ionic Surfactant, Emulsifier, and Solubilizer for Cosmetics and Personal Care.


Fast-Absorbing Emollient Ester (C8-10 fatty acids connected to C12-18 fatty alcohols) with Dry, Silky, and Velvety Skin Sensation.


Versatile Preservative for Cosmetics, Stabilizer for Perfumes and Soaps.

Finsolv® TN

Exceptional Non-Toxic, Non-Irritating, Odorless Emollient Ester for Skin Care.

Iselux® Ultra Mild 

 Concentrated Surfactant Blend for Gentle Cleansing in Ultra-Mild Formulations.

Iselux ® 

Gentle Cleanser, Ideal primary or secondary surfactant for Luxurious Foam and Elegant After-Feel in Various Applications.

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